How We Work in Product

At Peak we aim to develop the best games for our users that will be played for many years to come.

To achieve this goal, we put maximizing the user experience at the core of our decisions. This approach helps direct all our product discussions and leads us to find the answer for one simple question "will this change be better for our users?". This may seem like a simple question, but requires a lot of heated discussions and data analysis to come to the right solution.

As a product team, we work closely with our engineering and art teams. We take almost all decisions together, with lots of brainstorming and taking a great amount of feedback from each other.

Whenever we are developing a new feature or trying to improve an existing one, we get our most trusted insight from the users themselves. We are lucky to have millions of passionate users that share their experience within our games very openly via reviews. As the product team, we analyze each and every review and take them into consideration during our discussions. Reading the user reviews and learning their feedback allows us to understand their perspective and make it a part of our daily lives. The closer we are to our users, the easier it is for us to put ourselves in their shoes.

However, reading user feedback alone is not enough to take critical decisions. Some issues divide the user base and they may have polarizing opinions on different issues. We need to keep a holistic view of the game and make changes thinking about the experience of a new user and a devoted player all at the same time. So how do we make changes when the user feedback is not enough to make a decision? We rely on data analysis.

First, we look at the game data and try to spot the correct patterns and to eliminate data biases. Then, we run A/B tests. A/B tests are great to observe actual user behaviour on different scenarios and are the strongest way to determine if users are content with a certain feature, especially when data analysis alone is not conclusive. These tests and analysis allow us to be comfortable with the changes we want to implement. With this approach, we always become certain whether the change is better for the users or not.

And there is one last channel that feeds our mind on our journey of improving our games – playing other games. As the whole product team, we all play a lot of games. We believe creating an extraordinary product is an evolutionary process where you must learn from existing ones to get better. It is essential for us to not to miss a good learning opportunity.

As a result of putting user experience as the utmost goal, we are all aligned that we made the best possible decision with the given information we had. Therefore, we are happy to know that we made the best possible product we could.

As we stated, our goal is to create the best possible games that will be played by millions for many years to come. We believe all good products must retain their users for a long time, there is no other way of success. That's why we always focus on maintaining our games at the highest possible standards. Creating a great product but not maintaining it accordingly is neither fair to its users, nor to its developers.