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Our aim is to provide products that enrich the lives of our users. Your work will be appreciated by the hundreds of millions of people who use our products around the world. You will be encouraged and supported to reach new heights and be part of the evolution of a global technology company - Peak.

The Peak team has already touched the lives of countless millions of people around the world. Just imagine what we can do with you aboard.

Focus on doing what you do best

The rest is up to us! We form an environment that makes it easy for you to focus on doing your best work.


Enjoy your favorite food choices at any time of day. Our team of culinary experts prepares delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner in our spacious kitchen to make your life easy and tasty. Additionally, we offer a variety of snacks and beverages to cater to both healthy and less healthy preferences.


We frequently have fun together on company trips, cinema nights, brunches, concerts, outdoor activities and monthly get together parties in our office. We create lots of opportunities to enjoy life to the max - but only during weekdays, because it's up to you how you spend your weekend.


Our office is at the heart of Istanbul. We’re very close to major public transportation lines and the Bosphorus is just around the corner - so if you need a break or seeking inspiration, just walk up to the terrace, soak up the jaw dropping views and relax.


Freedom to choose your tools and equipment. Whether it’s a Mac, an IDE or any software or hardware - choose whatever equipment you need to thrive on.

Perks & Benefits

Learning & Development

Keep on learning. We are frequently attending relevant conferences and have several on-demand learning platforms at your disposal. If you need anything on top of that let us know - we’ll make it ready for you.

Only a free mind can do great things. Our compensation leaves no room for worries.

Broaden your horizon together with your team during various trips and events. Some teams link this to a conference, some just choose a country they want to explore together.

The most precious thing we have is our health. We provide you, your spouse and your children with a fully-paid private insurance package to ensure you’re covered in case you need it. Feel free to also take advice or a second opinion from our company doctor.

We offer a relocation package that makes life easier for you while relocating and making yourself comfy in Istanbul – one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

We have fun together

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