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Peak Races Series

The Peak Races® series was created by ultra-athletes who wanted to wanted to turn coal into diamonds.  To do that they developed  5 insane ultra-endurance events here in central Vermont.  They believe that by completing one race (and for the insane every/all)  in one year, the athletes will end the year in amazing shape…and live longer too!

We are a Resolve Factory.

Mr. Churchill was an optimist when he said, “I have nothing to offer, but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” He had a great deal more to offer, but as a strong leader he knew the challenges he faced would not be easy.  He knew what all great leaders say know – failure is nothing more than a reason to strengthen resolve. That is what we do in Pittsfield, Vermont.  We are a RESOLVE FACTORY.

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  • Peak GMT Mountainbike Race Report 2017

    September 23, 2016

    Peak 6 hr Challenge The first wave of intrepid racers lined up on the top of Tweed, Downpours in the wee hours of the morning were enough to make the course, hereby known as the “gnarled albatross” for the route’s peculiar resemblance to a seabird, not just techy and hilly but downright treacherous.   Fourteen year […]


  • Get Race Ready – 6.Enjoy

    September 2, 2016


    PEAK® Do These 6 things and You’ll be Ready to Mountainbike Race STEP SIX Smell The Roses Have fun. Pack a picnic in your hydration pack and linger at the top of a mountain with a friend and have deep conversations. Pretend you’re announcing a grand prix race the whole way down. Sit by a […]


  • Get Race Ready – 5.Learn Calm

    September 1, 2016


    PEAK Do These 6 things and You’ll be Ready to Mountainbike Race STEP FIVE Practice Active Meditation You can cue Mr. Miyagi of Karate Kid fame if you must, but find the most mundane, time consuming task that you can muster  (scrubbing the bathroom tile grout with a toothbrush, clearing a football field sized meadow […]


  • Get Race Ready – 4.Build Capacity

    August 31, 2016


    PEAK Do These 6 things and You’ll be Ready to Mountainbike Race STEP FOUR Spend Lots of Time in the Saddle There’s no getting around it. To complete an endurance race you need to build up your mental and physical capacities to their optimal level without injuring yourself or burning yourself out. That means at […]


  • Get Race Ready – 3.Teach to Do

    August 30, 2016


    PEAK Do These 6 things and You’ll be Ready to Mountainbike Race STEP THREE Teach Someone to Ride There is a lot of sound advice out there suggesting that if you want to get better, ride with people better than you. Absolutely. But there’s another perspective that says you can make significant improvements by riding […]


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