Cookie Notice

Peak Cookie Notice Effective Date: 4 July 2022

Cookies and other technologies employed by Peak and its partners

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are pieces of data that websites you visit can set on your browser and device’s hard drive. The term may also be used to refer to other technologies that, when employed in a certain manner, may be able to track the online behavior of a user. For example, SDKs are ‘Software Development Kits’ that are typically embedded in our mobile apps. They act like cookies and can store or access information on your device.

Our Websites

Neither we nor any third party uses cookies or other similar tracking technology on our websites.

Our Services

Our mobile applications and other offerings (collectively, our “Services”) may use technologies that can store or access information on your device. 

  • Ads for Peak Games (Peak as an Advertiser)

Peak works with publishers and advertising networks (“Advertising Partners”) to deliver interest-based ads to users that have used Peak’s services (“Peak Users”). This practice is often referred to as “online behavioral advertising” or “targeted advertising.” Our Advertising Partners use technologies that deliver ads for Peak’s products and services to Peak Users who are on other services.

To learn more about how behavioral advertising works and your ability to opt out, visit the Network Advertising Initiative (NIA) , the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) , or Your Online Choices .

  • Ads for Other Sites and Services (Peak as a Publisher)

We use advertising to enable us to offer some of our games, game features, and other services for free. Our Advertising Partners may use technologies to access information on your devices to serve interest-based ads through our Services. Most of the ads served in Peak’s products will include an icon in one corner of the ad unit that you can click on to learn more about the ad, why you received it, and how to choose to stop receiving interest-based ads from the ad network. The icon will ordinarily be a triangle pointing to the right but can also be a lowercase “i” in a circle. Please visit NAI or DAA to learn more about behavioral advertising, your choices, and how your data will be treated by participating ad networks.

  • Ads Served in Mobile Apps (Peak as an Advertiser and a Publisher)

When you play our mobile games, we or our Advertising Partners may use one or more of several different identifiers for your mobile device, including Apple Identifier For Advertising (IDFA) or Android Advertising ID (AAID), to target and deliver ads to you in our games or on other apps or services. This means that your device identifier may be accessed by third-party ad networks and used to (a) help manage the number and types of ads you see; (b) track the source of installs related to ads seen in other apps; and (c) identify your interests and behavior and target advertising to you based on those interests and behavior.

If you do not want to receive interest-based in-application advertisements on your mobile device, you may adjust the ad tracking settings on your device (such as turning off the feature to “Allow Apps to Request to Track”). You can also reset the “Advertising Identifier” (such as an IDFA) from your mobile device’s settings page, which will prevent continued use of existing behavioral data tied to your previous “Advertising Identifier.” Further, depending on the platform provider (such as Apple or Google), you may be able to download apps, such as the Digital Advertising Alliance’s “AppChoices” app, that offer to provide you with controls regarding the collection and use of cross-app data for behavioral advertising.

  • Analytics

Peak and its service providers and business partners analyze traffic and other end user activity to improve the user experience. Peak and its service providers and business partners may use technologies such as SDKs to collect and analyze certain types of technical information, such as IP addresses, device hardware and software data, and usage data in the game. This helps us to understand the effectiveness of our services.

Our analytics partners include without limitation the following third parties. Please follow the links below for further information concerning the privacy policies and opt-out choices offered by these third parties.

Controlling Tracking Technologies

As we’ve explained above, you can control these technologies by utilizing the tools described above. 


If you have questions about our use of cookies or other technologies or about the ways in which we use your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy . If you still have questions after reviewing that policy, you can email us at [email protected].